Basic Rules for Garage Door Remote Maintenance

Many drivers don’t want to waste a minute of their lives and press the buttons of their garage door clicker long before they reach their garage. These tiny devices have become one with our lives and when they don’t work properly, they leave us completely helpless. If you don’t want to feel like that again, you should follow some basic rules about their maintenance and security regardless if you have a genie garage door remote or any other device from any other manufacturer.

The maintenance is simple

If you want a useful multicode remote that can serve and protect you for years to come, you need to do some things.

Take a look in the manual of the device about the dates batteries are expected to expire and replace them before the recommended date in any store. If you see that the opener does not respond to the remote, it’s the first thing that you should do. If the communication with the openers will not be automatically reprogrammed, you will need to do it by pressing the button, which is found next to the garage door motor.
You can remove the cover of the remote controls once in a while and clean well the inner part from dust or dirt.
If the device is completely destroyed or you just need to replace it because it is lost, you can always count on us to help you.

Don’t trust anyone with your remote

Your garage door remote is the most important key to your house and you must take extra care of it and keep it safe.

Don’t leave it to the hands of your kids. They will be overwhelmed by excitement for their new toy, but your anxiety about possible accidents or the possibility they will run out in the street will hit the roof. When you trust your car for washing, you should keep the remote on you. Whoever has control over the garage door opener of your house has access into your house as well. Hence, remember to refrain from leaving it in plain sight and replace it the minute you realize it’s lost.