How to Check Garage Door Tracks

We often get used of how garage doors work and forget the importance of certain parts and how vital is to check them frequently for damages. The simplest and smallest dent on tracks might keep the door from closing down. It might also prevent its full opening. Tiny issues are not tiny at all. They might even cause huge problems and that’s why frequent inspections are necessary.

Tracks house the garage door rollers and guide them into moving the door to its whole trip up and down. Despite the fact that the tracks are made of hard steel and are usually two inches wide and 0.075 thick, they can still dent.

* If you drive the wrong way or they are hit by a heavy object, they will get damaged

* If they are rusty, they will make the rolling of the wheels difficult and noisy

* If the garage door brackets supporting the tracks are loose, tracks will get misaligned and the door will jam

* If the tracks are not adjusted properly or are not installed right, they will hit the door jamb and the door won’t be able to move right

* If any of the fasteners securing brackets and angle irons, which in turn support tracks, are loose, the tracks will lose their initial position and the rollers will be dislocated

Make sure the tracks are in excellent condition

You can avoid such problems by checking the tracks regularly. It’s always wise to wear gloves in order to protect your hands from rough edges and you should inspect them from top to bottom without forgetting to check the horizontal garage door tracks on the ceiling. You should look out for dents, loose nuts and rusty parts. Damaged parts ought to be replaced immediately. Brackets must be tightened and tracks must be lubricated.

It’s important to also check the rollers, which sit in the tracks and guide the door. They will certainly slide through tracks when the latter ones are in good condition but the rollers ought to be in good condition, too. If they are not lubricated properly, they will pop out and might cause the lower part of the horizontal track to bend. Most certainly all supporting garage door parts, which ensure the tracks sit tight, must also be checked, repaired and replaced depending on their problems. That’s how you can ensure proper movement!

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