Garage Door Service

When you show appreciation to your remote control for the excellent performance of your garage door, you forget to thank the main players behind the scene for flawless functioning – the garage door servicing. The steady and stable movement of the heavy garage door is directly dependent on the quality of the track and the durability of door cables. Any compromise in quality in this case leads to snapped cables, loose cables, cable off the drum or broken cables. This not only causes inconvenience to the garage owner but it may also result in serious accidents. Our expert technicians at Garage Door Service  are proficient in addressing such issues with precision.

service4For optimum operational efficiency of the garage doors, the tracks should be ensured to be anchored properly to the garage wall. In case they loosen up the garage door will go off track. Loose brackets holding the track and garage walls should be periodically tightened. Keep in mind that damaged tracks may bend your garage door and ruin its frame, thus causing you more problems and huge expenditures.

Our technicians will inspect your tracks for any possible damages and they will fix them or replace them. In addition, they will clean them well to get rid of any dirt and foreign materials, which may provoke further destructions. Alignment of tracks regularly ensures quieter garage door operation. Regular cleaning of the tracks and lubrication by suitable lubricants improves operational efficiency. Silicone spray should be used to lubricate the rollers to enhance durability. Our expert people will engage in a thorough maintenance and adjustment service by also tightening the screws and bolts to ensure the proper functioning of your garage door.

Furthermore, they will inspect the cables that connect the bottom brackets with the spring mechanism for any wearing signs. Replacement of damaged cables should be given priority for safety reasons and they shouldn’t be performed by you because they may snap and injure you. In fact, when the cables wear out they may easily snap; they may also loosen up, break or come off the drum. Your safety is our responsibility. We inspect all the garage door components at scheduled appointments for optimum safety and convenience.

Detailed information is available in our website for customer queries addressing all the major issues in a friendly language. If you have any specific questions, which have not been addressed on our website up to your satisfaction, then please feel free to contact us on 888-960-6655. Our eager expert people will find you the most suited solutions as early as possible.

We are looking forward to your kind visit to our office at an early date.