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Concise garage door repair tips. The experts make life easier by sharing information on the topic.

Tips to remember during cold weather

During cold weather, specialists our company advise you to take note that there would not be any ice lodged between the ground and the bottom seal. Use a hair dryer to melt the ice or get a shovel to chip the ice off.

When Looking for a Unique Garage Door Alternative

If you are looking for something unique that would give your house a great look, we at garage door repair company Riverside recommend that you install glass garage doors. That is because this type of door requires very low maintenance. You only need cleaning and lubricating of parts. The door no longer needs painting.

Add Extra Locks if Needed


  • Add Extra Locks if Needed

    The garage door is part of the security of your home and it basically functions just like the front and back doors. Like your other doors, adding extra locks can increase the safety of your home, especially on days when you have to leave the house unattended. Add extra locks when you go on family vacations or holidays.


Fix the remote in a few steps

If the garage door clicker doesn’t work, open the case at the back side (slide the cover or use a screwdriver) and see whether the battery needs to be replaced. Dust the inner circuit and reprogram it. If it still doesn’t work, report the problem to the experts of our company.

The right lubricant

Using the right lubricant for your garage door parts is extremely important. Silicone based spray lubricants are most popular and they work well with all moving parts in a garage door. White Lithium grease is another easy-to-use lubricant that does not wash off or cake easily and is found in most commercial and industrial doors. Grease and oil are generally not recommended.

Fixing any door opener issues

The garage door opener is run by electricity. Hence, it is noteworthy that professional service is a safe choice to avoid mishandling that can cause electric shock. Avoid fixing the issues alone and make sure to keep it out of reach when it is not functioning properly.

Household Safety should be a priority

Garage doors can be dangerous to household members. The garage door opener control button must be out of children’s reach. Also, nobody must be allowed to play with the remote controls. It is also good to set examples to the children by never placing your fingers between door sections and explaining it to them. Our company recommends that a garage door with panels must be kept out of children’s reach.