We at “Garage Door Repair Riverside ” provide the best service in California when it comes to getting your garage door replaced, installed or repaired. We offer our services on both scheduled and emergency basis. Using the latest in available technology and dealing with all the biggest brands, we bring you our expertise and knowledge so you can feel confident with our services.

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New Garage Doors

We work with the most popular brands, such as Clopay and Amarr. Installing a new garage door is a serious job, and you want to be sure that it’s done properly the first time. As a trusted garage door service provider, you can be assured that we will install your door properly while providing a courteous and friendly service.


When you need to replace your garage door, there are probably a few concerns you have before going ahead with a replacement. You may want a model similar to your older one, which can be difficult to find. You might also want a different model, maybe a new material or make, but you aren’t sure if it would fit your garage. We can help you decide on all of these things, and better yet, we work with all makes, brands and models. Let us dispose of your old door and enjoy a brand new beautiful door at the end of the day.


Maintaining your door might sound like an unimportant task, one that we often postpone over lack of time – but the truth is, it’s a very important one. There are some small maintenance tasks that you can do on your own, but when it comes to moving parts, springs, pulleys, cables and automatic openers, it’s always best to get a trusted, professional opinion. We can give your door a quick inspection, oil all the parts and make sure everything is in good working order. We’ll take note of anything that needs repairing or replacing, and give you a fair estimate.


Sometimes, there`s nothing majorlywrong with your door, it just might need a simple adjustment. Things like tightening a garage door hinge, or fixing a crooked track or spring can be all it takes to get your door back to working correctly. We can make small and large adjustments when needed.

Professional Repairs

If something seems wrong with your door, but you are not sure what, chances are it is probably something small that needs to be repaired or replaced. Trust us to take a look and fix it in no time. Things like a crooked track or broken cables can cause the door to work improperly or stop working altogether. Even superficial things like a garage door panel replacement are necessary sometimes to ensure the door works at its full capacity, doing its job protecting what’s behind it. Just as small repairs can cause large problems, larger parts can cause even bigger problems!
When it comes to cases like a brokengarage door spring, one might think it’s not such a hard thing to handle. The spring accumulates massive amounts of pressure, and so dealing with these parts can be extremely dangerous. It calls for professional services, and we are more than happy to provide you with top replacement parts. The replacement is done safely and by the book to ensure you enjoy a fully functioning door by the end of the day.

Emergency Repairs

When the repairs just can’t wait – no matter how big or small – we can be there in a flash to make it right again. Our specialists can quickly diagnose the problem and as they always travel fully equipped – count on them to handle any issue on the spot. Emergency installations are also available when you need a professional job done on short notice.

Garage Door Repair Riverside,CA

So whatever your garage door needs, we will be there to help. Garage Door Repair Riverside always promises professional service, prompt appointments, and courteous staff. Trust us with your repairs, installations and maintenance and we can get it right the first time!

Thank You for the Service!

logoriverside“I was on my way out of the house when my garage door got off the tracks. I wasn’t sure where to even begin putting it back on and figured I would just have to take the day off work and keep my house safe until a technician could come and fix it. I called “Garage Door Repair Riverside” and they sent a technician who got here in just under an hour. He was polite and very friendly, and started working on my broken garage door immediately. Luckily there was no serious damage, although he did tell me that my extension springs need to be replaced soon, and I’ll be more than happy to use them again next time. Normally I’m a bit apprehensive about using these online companies, but now I’m not so sure why. These guys made a very good impression on me.

For anyone who needs repairs, especially emergency repairs done on their garages, these guys are just the best. I think that what I was most impressed with was how easy the billing was. I understood exactly what I was paying for and certainly felt like it was fair. I mean what price can you put on your safety during a time of emergency? They explained everything and were happy to answer my questions properly, and even offered me the odd nugget of advice on how to keep my system lasting longer, which seemed counter intuitive to me considering they work on broken systems. Nevertheless, they are a great company, if you’re wondering whether or not to use them for repairs, part replacements, or even just maintenance I would definitely recommend them.”

The Photo Electric sensor

This is when garage doors go sci-fi. A photo-electric sensor is a device which, in some countries is a legal requirement, without which you could be penalized. You will find that they are installed above the entrance to your garage door, what they do is to detect intruders by lighting up when someone approaches. This can make criminals easier to catch.

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